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Hi there! I’m an entrepreneur who has been active online since the days of BBS . I am an aspiring Coffee Millionaire , and this is my blog. I live in Calgary Alberta,Canada, My Daughter has blessed me with 2 grandsons , and I like piña coladas. (And gettin’ caught in the rain.)

…or something like that:

I have been a study of computers since Radio shack brought the color computer. My first TRS computer I traded a 1965 XLT for, Had to have a computer.

I have tried many ventures online and I promise you if your new to the internet I can shorten your learning curve by 10 or more years.

After chasing shiny objects and spinning my wheels I have finally found a great home business.
Here is a fun article from the newspaper in 1988 :


I started a strategic partnership with the Organo Gold Company founded Organo Gold in 2008.
Bernard Chua works alongside co-founder Shane Morand, who supervises the company’s direct-selling platform., and has been providing Ganoderma infused Gourmet Coffee to the public ever since. Located in Richmond BC Canada our company is making massive moves in the Coffee industry and soon will meet their goal to capture 1 percent of coffee consumers.

The Products can only be purchased through the companies distributors, creating income for network marketers worldwide (39 countries).

In addition to coffee, the company produces ganoderma infused green tea, hot chocolate, and supplements and basic personal care products.

The Napoleon Hill Foundation has only awarded one company since it inception giving the honor to Organo Gold for healthy organic coffee. OG was also The only company awarded the right to use the brand Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

Did you know Coffee is the number one beverage consumed apart from water and the second most traded commodity Globally? It would come as no surprise then if I told you that people love their coffee and that is what makes it such a good business to get involved in. One billion people consume this beverage, which opens the door for this opportunity for a business like Organo gold.

For more information visit, My Organo Gold Site or if you would like a sample of the coffee contact us. Have fun!


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