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Some common Questions


Here are some answers to some very common questions:

1) Q. Why does it cost me to sign up?
A. Because this is a business not a job! However I will show you how to run it for free.

2) Q. Are you trying to make money off of me?
A. No, Im trying to make money with you and a lot of it.

3) Q. Is this a Scam? (Wonder if Rod Smith asked this)
A. I don’t do scams, but I love that you think so highly of me that you would even ask.

4) Q. Is this one of those pyramid schemes? (So glad Greg Norman didn’t have this mentality)
A. By Pyramid Scheme do you mean where all the people at the top make all the money, take all the nice vacations, fly on leer jets, walk around setting you up to fail and get all the stock options while people on the bottom work the most for the least amount of money and maybe get 2 vacations a year, have no true retirement plan and are no longer allowed to cash out the pto time they have earned? No that’s corporate America! (YOUR JOB)

5. Q. How long before see results?
A. How long before you can follow the OG Business Model and not make excuses?

6. Q. Every one I work with and my Uncle Bob said that it wouldn’t work.
A. Your co-workers and your Uncle Bob are broke.

7. Q. Can I try it for a month work it half way and see how I do?
A. This business may not be for you. I am not looking for a person just to fill a spot. I’m looking for true dedicated business partners that are honest hungry humble and coachable. I am fine if you just want to be a great coffee customer.

8. Q. Everyone laughs at you and thinks you are crazy to work that “coffee thing” and think it will work out.
A. By that you mean that since I’m not going to work daily wearing what someone else tells me to, when someone else tells me to, eats when someone else tells me to, all for zero to barely any retirement and no freedom to enjoy the loved ones I’m making all the sacrifices for unsure if I will have a job the next day bc the ones I work for and with care only about themselves not you and your dreams? Its ok. Keep laughing.

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