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Holton Buggs

Holton Buggs

As announced last Friday, OrGano Gold Executive VP of Sales HOLTON BUGGS hosted the Millionaire Mentorship call this Sunday, January 6th, the first Millionaire Mentorship call of the year 2013!

Our leaders have stated last year that 2013 was going to be the company’s biggest year yet, so Holton Buggs hast started out by empowering us with the knowledge of how to build our OG business and create a successful network marketing group in the industry.

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VP of Sales Holton Buggs begins the call by explaining the nature of the OG business model, and how network marketing works in the business.

He expounded on the PURPOSE OF NETWORK MARKETING, the goal of the company with network marketing, and the potential of the industry.

He explains how network marketing is a collaborative effort, wherein you do not have to do things yourself because you have co-associates and co-distributors who work with you.

One thing should also be clear with this call, and this is regarding as to what your goal should be in OrGano Gold. Our goal is to establish a large community of coffee drinkers that continually and routinely consume the OG product line.

Holton Buggs also touched upon how to build your OG business the right way. If you’re going to do something that’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing the right way!



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