Tips On Getting Started With OrGano Gold by Shane Morand

Shane Morand

Shane Morand

In their ventures toward success and becoming coffee millionaires in the network marketing and MLM industry, OrGano Gold Diamonds and leaders have learned many things that they would like to share to the new distributors getting started in building their OG healthy coffee business.

In the videos below, OG Global Master Distributor SHANE MORAND shares some tips and answers to the most asked questions in building your own OrGano Gold healthy coffee organization.

The first video concerns the 3 types of people that may be interested in Organo Gold. Global Master Distributor Shane Morand explains how you should watch out for these types of people to bring into your OG business network.

3 Types of People OrGano Gold is Looking For! from Shane Morand

It has been asked of our OG coffee millionaires and diamonds what they would have done differently in the beginning if they could start over.

Their answer? BELIEVE BIGGER AND BELIEVE FASTER in OrGano Gold, the OG system, leadership, product line and compensation plan.

The #1 Tip in Building Your OrGano Gold Business from Shane Morand

One of the most asked question by new distributors is how to effectively manage the OG Gold Pack.
In the video, Shane Morand explains how it is important to know how much product is being consumed in the household, how many samples are going to be given out, and the number of retail customers to be serviced EVERY MONTH.
New distributors should aim to have A MINIMUM OF 10 RETAIL CUSTOMERS A MONTH.
It is important to know how many new distributors are going to enroll in the next month.

What to Do with the OG Gold Pack from Shane Morand

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