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OrGano Gold Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor Mr. SHANE MORAND is our mentor for this week’s Millionaire Mentorship Call, and it is as informative and motivating as ever! There’s been an onslaught of programs and promotions introduced by the company, each one giving another boost for our distributors, that our Global Master Distributor Shane Morand just had to share with all of us how to tweak our OG business in the right direction. One of the new programs out right now is the OG Star Achievers Program, and Shane Morand’s Millionaire Mentorship Call this week centers on brilliant idea on how to succeed with this program in OrGano Gold.


OG Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor Shane Morand led the call in a Question-and-Answer manner. This served to clarify things in the call, and so this let’s follow the format!

What are the 2 things you can do to grow your business BIGGER, BETTER, and FASTER?
You can either ATTRACT LEADERSHIP or DEVELOP LEADERSHIP. One of the components for success in OG is the power of leadership. It is how we bring more and more people to the business, and it is how we build a huge network of people all over the world!
Remember that when you’re just starting in the OG business, when you have had no experience or if you have not had any success yet, to START DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP IN YOURSELF. Always start with developing your own leadership. Work hard with developing leadership skills with yourself, get better, and continue on developing. When you finally become the leader, then that’s when you start attracting leadership!

What is the opposite of “genius?”
There are a number of words you can use to describe the opposite of “genius” but let us go with “NOT genius” for now. Genius versus NOT genius. Genius is taking small steps or small effort and then producing massive results. Not genius is when you’re all hard work and yet your produce small results. Which one do you prefer? And what are the small things you can do RIGHT NOW that can help you move your business to success?
Question 1: Would you like to become an OG coffee millionaire and live the number 1 lifestyle in the world?
Do you believe that it is possible for you to become a coffee millionaire, and that you and your family will live the number 1 lifestyle in the world? The moment you joined OrGano Gold, you should have had the answer to this question already. That answer should be YES! And if YES, then how strong is your belief. We’ve always stressed that it is important that you believe in yourself and that you can succeed in order for you to achieve it. WORK ON YOUR BELIEF!

Question 2: Do you have 10 customers MINIMUM that you personally service every month?
Considering that customer consumes an average of 3 boxes per month, remember this formula:
3 boxes per customer x 10 customers = 30 boxes = 450 PQV
Wherever you live, wherever you have your CJMs, there will always be a prospect who will say “I need to think about it” or “I’ll check it out first.” This is okay. Continue to encourage them to get to know more about the business while they think about it. But they have to leave your CJM with a box or two at least one time. Not everybody in the CJM will join your business, but everybody should buy a box when they leave. Turn those who say NO to a customer!

Question 3: Do you believe that it is possible for you to find 10 distributors over time?
Think it over! Over time, theoretically, when your 10 distributors get 10 distributors of their own, and they each get 10 distributors of their own, when this trend continues on to the 4th level down your line, then you will have a thousand distributors in your network! Can you just imagine the amount of products you move with this vast amount of people in your team? To think that the above formula does not include personal consumption and sampling and wholesale… just think of all the additional revenue!
After asking ourselves these questions, Shane Morand explains how this process will help in succeeding in the OG business. This is especially advantageous with the OG Star Achiever Program, where the consistency of maintaining at least 10 customers every month is recognized. And if you can maintain this number for 12 months, not only will you be recognized in the GOLD magazine, you have just also announced yourself as a Diamond in the making!



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