Jun 27

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OG Australia – New Zealand Income Opportunity Call

OG australia-newzealand-copy

OG australia-newzealand-copy

Last night, Organo Gold Global Master Distributor Mr. SHANE MORAND led an Income Opportunity Call specifically for AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND.

The call was hosted by one of our leaders in Australia, Mr. STEVEN CONDOS, and he did a great job of putting the call together and share to everyone WHAT A HUGE OPPORTUNITY is in store for them!

Mr. Shane Morand stepped into the call and took us through the many reasons why Organo Gold is a MOVEMENT, a revolution in the MLM business.

He also takes us back to the motives of entering the coffee business and network marketing, on WHY ORGANO GOLD IS THE NUMBER 1 MOMENTUM INCOME OPPORTUNITY in the world! And he points out all the different reasons just why joining Organo Gold is a true opportunity for everyone.

Just take a look at our product line:

coffee is one of the top consumable products (after water) in the world!

Even with just that one fact, you know you can’t go wrong in this business.

If that one reason is not enough, try the combination of coffee and GANODERMA LUCIDUM, making Organo Gold a company with a product line that also promotes health and wellness!

Global Master distributor Mr. Shane Morand elaborates farther in the call on just how big of an opportunity this is for everyone looking for an income that will help give them and their family the number one lifestyle in the world!

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Listen to Recording

Listen to Recording

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