Mar 16

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BrewKup By Organo Gold

Now Available

Global Brand Ambassador Greg Norman

The BrewKups represent quality and luxury in a brewed coffee market already crowded with plenty of big fish. Little did anyone know that OG had become a target, and the Shark was circling.
Greg Norman, golf legend, lifestyle connoisseur and head of Great White Shark Enterprises, is one of the most respected global entrepreneurs in business. With no shortage of gourmet items to choose from, Greg Norman approached Organo Gold after sampling some of the products. While the discussion didn’t last long, a mutual interest became clear; to introduce a luxurious single-cup brewed coffee at home for people who enjoy the finer things in life.
I loved the taste of the coffee when I sampled it so I actually went after them more than anything else. To me it’s just been a tremendous symbiotic relationship, we’re very like-minded because we both want to take the world by storm and we have the right product to do it – BrewKups.

Greg Norman

Greg Norman

With a proven track record in several industries and experience in Network Marketing, Global Ambassador Greg Norman is perfect fit to be the face of BrewKups as Organo Gold breaches its Wave 2 expansion. After all, he’s not just the Global Brand Ambassador, he’s also a DISTRIBUTOR.
I’m putting my might behind a distributorship as well, and that was really important to me. I took the responsibility to understand what it would take to become a Distributor for Organo Gold. The process of success is never an easy one, because success takes time, so our distributorship is part of the process. Here we are today, being the Ambassador is one thing, but being a Distributor validates why I’m with Organo Gold.

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